D&D 5e – The Breathing Fog of Oxmore’s Mine – ENGLISH SPEAKING TABLE!

Name des Systems: D&D 5e

Name der Spielleitung:Luiz Felipe van der Struijk

Abenteuertitel:The Breathing Fog of Oxmore’s Mine

Anzahl der Spieler: 4

Spieldauer: 4-5 H

Beginn: tbD

Vorgefertigte Charaktere:Yes, with options (6 different characters)


A cold night, a caravan on the side of the road, a small fire with some food in a pot. Two figures are sitting, lightning their pipes.
„So, as I was saying, Oxmore was a calm city which had its prime, with merchants coming from far to barter for gold and gems. Those times are gone now, the mine depleted for years, but for the people like me it seems more like decades. Merchants now only use the city as a stop in between travels, nobody spends gold there anymore, and more and morefamilies start to move away. I am telling you mister, Oxmore will eventually be ruins, and not so long from now. The town guard is but a fourth of what it used to be, and they can only maintain their fews due to Caption Anton Skinguard, descent fella that one, and he is the doing his best to maintain a minimum degree of security, but that only within the city. He is not able to provide safe roads in the outskirts of the city, where bandits are becoming too bold, the same ones that attacked us before”.
„Now let me tell you, that is not the reason me and my family are leaving. The city is now cursed, the old mine which brought gold enough to make the city shine is now breathing fog, a fog so thick that a man can hardly see his own boots. People hear shrieks during the fog and every time it happened a child has disappeared. So no mister, I will not left whatever evil is lurking around that town take my Lucy, she is smart you know, and we are were trying to safe money to pay for a wizard apprenticeship for her. But you, you are strong enough, scaring those bandits away was also a sign of kindness. I cannot give you much apart from this meal, but I can tell you that you can make gold in Oxmore. You see, the last fog took a boy from a rich man, a son of a Lord, do you believe that? Lord Tenerius Snoke, and I heard this morning that he is gathering people to through the mines and bring his son back”
English speaking table only, and the GM do not speak German.